How you can help


Our charity can only achieve things with the help of volunteers. To find out how you can help see below:


Children’s Dance Festival – 3rd April 2016 from 12 noon to 5.30pm.
We need helpers to set up the Festival – taking materials by car to the venue, shopping for refreshments, putting out decorations, arranging stalls, and putting signs throughout the venue; then guiding people to their seats, selling raffle tickets, and selling refreshments. We also need help to clear up at the end and take some of our materials back to our storage.

Chagigaya Concert - June 2016 (date to be advised) from 4pm to 7pm. We need helpers to deal with all front of house issues, including guiding people to their seats, and selling raffle tickets. We also need 2 people to help backstage organising the performers.


In August 2014 we have 40 people coming from Eastern & Southern Europe, South America & Israel to the Machol Europa summer course. They will need family hosting from 6th to 10th August. Some may also need hosting form 15th to 17th August.

We need to find suitable hosts and provide lifts for the people to and from the activities they will be attending and, if possible, to and from the airport.

For this reason we need help to find hosts and to organise transport.

Raising Money

The Institute needs to raise about £140,000 each year – about £65,000 for its programmes in the UK and £75,000 for its outreach work to Jewish communities in need - in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and South America.

We need your help to reach these targets, but not only by donating money, but also by helping us organise fund-raising opportunities and events.

We need to find hosts for parlour events – e.g. coffee evenings where we can show our fundraising DVD to a group of selected invitees and encourage them to donate.

We hope to organise a quiz supper, but need volunteers to create and promote the event.

Performing group Costumes

We need to catalogue all our dance costumes and sew numbers on to some of them, as well as setting up and maintaining a register.

If you feel that you can help in any way – by giving your time to help at an event, offering a skill, or joining a fund-raising support group (which can be fun also), then please contact us at
Any charity needs donations to survive. With your help we can nurture the flame of Jewish identity with Israel at its heart. To see what we do just click on the embedded video just below which is on our YouTube channel. You can donate on-line or you can send your donation (cheque or charity voucher) to:

Israeli Dance Institute, Suite 8, Time House, 56b Crewys Road, London NW2 2AD
You can call Leo with your credit card number and pay over the telephone (020 8209 3155) or we can send you a form for paying a regular amount by Standing Order. .