Supporters & Useful Links

The IDI depends of the philanthrophy from individuals and charitable trusts some of which are listed below. We also have sponsors who support our work. Some of them provide services which could be of interest to users of our website and therefore we provide links to their websites where appropriate.

"Now, more than ever in our people's history, it is vital that we engage our youth with Israel and its culture. IDI through its innovative and exciting programmes has succeeded in doing just that. IDI aims to educate young Jews in the UK and around the world about our people's language and traditions. This is done in a unique fun way, which differentiates it from larger mainstream educational programmes. For the future of our children and the development of their Jewish identity and love of Israel, it is important that we give IDI our full support so it can strengthen its work with children and youth throughout the Jewish world."
Rabbi Dr Eli Kohn
Director of Curriculum Development Projects at the Lookstein Centre, Bar-Ilan University
Senior Educational Consultant - UK Jewish Curriculum Partnership


Lady Deborah Kestenbaum
Lady Elaine Sacks


The Childrens' Aid Committee Charitable Trust
The Shoresh Charitable Trust