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What better way to display the spirit of modern Israel – its liveliness, its unique mix of culture and its longing for peace – than through Israeli dance.

ORANIM is the premiere Israeli dance performing troupe in the UK and offers a vibrant performance of colourful dance and music reflecting the different influences which make up the Israeli cultural mosaic – Chassidic dance from eastern Europe; oriental dances from the Yemen and minority Arab, Druze and Armenian cultures; dances of the Pioneers, and others reflecting modern Israeli themes, the beauty of the land and the joy of youth.

ORANIM, formed in London in January 1979 has performed at the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the House of Commons, Alexandra Palace, The Victoria and Albert museum, the World Travel Market, Community events organised by minority communities in London, the Mayor’s Big Dance Day in Trafalgar Square, Simcha in the Square, and the British Library as well as representing the UK at the Karmiel Dance Festival in Northern Israel.

It also undertakes many performances for the Jewish community and for weddings, Bar & Bat-mitzvah parties.

The troupe aims to engender in its audiences a love for Jewish and Israeli dance that knows no boundaries of politics, religion, race or culture.

ORANIM’s programme has been created by leading dance choreographers from Israel. It includes the following: 

  • Veshuv Itchem (Hora dance)

    • * Hora Yam (Hora of the Sea)
      • Kova Shel Kash ( Straw Hat Dance)

        • * Miryam Haenviya (Miriam the Pophetess) -Tambourine Dance
          * Fiddler on the Roof
          * Lach Yerushalayim (To you Jerusalem)
          * Tnuat Hanoar (Dances celebrating Youth)
          * Et Dodim Kala
          * Ahava Hayeshana ( Dance for Two)
          * Lechaye Ha’amazeh ( For you, my country)
          • Katif - Harvest Dance
          • Mizmor Laila ( Song of the night)
          • B'not Yam Tichon (Mediterannean girls )
          • Biladayich – Without You (my country)

            •   * Bat Shlomo
              • Tefila Bamidbar ( Prayer in the Desert)
              • Hora !
                • ORANIM’s performances are often accompanied by community dancing
                  to involve the whole audience or guests at a Simcha.

                  If you would like to join this group or book it for a performance:
                  Please call: 020 8209 3155

                  or email: info@idi.org.uk