Performing Groups

For over 30 years, our Israeli dance performing troupes have represented the Jewish community at interfaith and multi cultural events at venues including Trafalgar square and the Royal Albert Hall as well as entertaining at Simchas and celebrations held by the Jewish community.

Colourful and vibrant programmes reflect the different influences that make up the Israeli cultural mosaic: Chassidic and shtetl, oriental, Arab, Druze and Armenian, as well as reflecting modern Israeli themes.

We welcome talented dancers, male and female, young and not so young, to our groups

The Israeli Dance Institute have been asked to perform at two major London events – Tel Aviv London in the Roundhouse & Balfour 100 in the Albert Hall
These and other events will allow us to show a wider audience the positive side of Israel.

We are holding.auditions for ALL age groups on 6th & 7th March in North West London
if you would like to take part - please contact IDI

To learn more about our Israeli dance troupes, please click on the following links:

Performing troupe – ages 18 to 35

Performing troupe – ages 12 to 18
(school years 7 to 13)

Performing troupe – ages 35+

Performing troupe – ages 9-11 (school years 5 & 6)